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Date Band
Fri 23-Jan-2015 First Aid Kit
Sat 24-Jan-2015 Jessie J
Thu 05-Feb-2015 Elbow
Thu 05-Feb-2015 ELBOW
Fri 06-Feb-2015 Elbow
Fri 06-Feb-2015 ELBOW
Sat 07-Feb-2015 Elbow
Sat 07-Feb-2015 ELBOW
Sun 08-Feb-2015 Elbow
Sun 08-Feb-2015 ELBOW
Wed 18-Feb-2015 DAngelo
Wed 18-Feb-2015 DANGELO
Fri 20-Feb-2015 Jimmy Carr
Fri 20-Feb-2015 Jimmy Carr - Funny Business
Sat 21-Feb-2015 George Ezra
Sat 21-Feb-2015 GEORGE EZRA
Fri 06-Mar-2015 Steel Panther
Sat 07-Mar-2015 Steel Panther
Wed 11-Mar-2015 Clean Bandit
Wed 11-Mar-2015 CLEAN BANDIT
Thu 12-Mar-2015 Placebo
Sat 14-Mar-2015 Halestorm
Sat 14-Mar-2015 HALESTORM
Thu 19-Mar-2015 Sam Smith
Thu 19-Mar-2015 SAM SMITH
Fri 20-Mar-2015 Sam Smith
Fri 20-Mar-2015 SAM SMITH
Sat 21-Mar-2015 John Cooper Clarke
Fri 03-Apr-2015 Blue
Fri 03-Apr-2015 BLUE
Fri 10-Apr-2015 Simple Minds
Sat 11-Apr-2015 Seasick Steve
Sat 11-Apr-2015 SEASICK STEVE
Fri 17-Apr-2015 Jimmy Carr
Fri 17-Apr-2015 JIMMY CARR
Wed 22-Apr-2015 Lynyrd Skynyrd
Wed 22-Apr-2015 LYNYRD SKYNYRD
Mon 25-May-2015 Toto
Mon 25-May-2015 TOTO
Tue 16-Jun-2015 The Moody Blues
Tue 16-Jun-2015 THE MOODY BLUES
Tue 23-Jun-2015 Idina Menzel
Tue 23-Jun-2015 IDINA MENZEL
Sat 27-Jun-2015 Jimmy Carr
Sat 27-Jun-2015 JIMMY CARR
Mon 29-Jun-2015 Gladys Knight
Mon 29-Jun-2015 GLADYS KNIGHT
Fri 18-Sep-2015 Darcy Oake
Fri 18-Sep-2015 DARCY OAKE

This list is limited to the first 50 items.
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